Track Your Boxes

Times & Bureaucracies of container arrival and release in Israel:
1 -
Date Of Arrival, Port Ashdod  means anytime within that date (24 hours) the ship will dock at Ashdod port.
     "Arrival at Port Ashdod" sometimes means that it lands at Port Chaifa, and is then transported to Port Ashdod by frieght train.
2 - Then container has to be unloaded, (anywhere from 5 hours to 2 days).
3 - If ship lands at Port Chaifa, container gets loaded onto freight train, (they usually wait till they fill up train, then it leaves for Port Ashdod - 4 hours to 2 days).
4 - Arrival in Port Ashdod, shipped to delegated warehouse, (a few hours) where it is then entered into computer, and customs broker can then start 'working' on it.
5 - Customes broker sends all documents to meches, and waits for an answer as to how meches would like to proceed. Meches' choices:
           a - free it immediately,
           b - spot check it, (they remove between 100-200 boxes, check most of them - if all OK, return them to the container & 'free' it)
           c - check most of the boxes
           d - x-ray container
      Any of the above can take between 1 to 5 business days to release the container.
6 - Container is released, transport to Yerushalayim is sought (depending on time of day of release, availability of truck, etc. (6 to 8 hours)


Receivers should call our hotline @ 054-686-8705 on March 12th after 5:00 PM for instructions

It is the responsibility of the RECEIVER to find out the pick-up date and time.

As of: Information
  To avoid local residents complaining, and to prevent us paying a hefty municipal fine for each box left on location, a gemach will pick up all boxes left over, at 9:30 PM, and it's theirs to keep.
Location Alleyway behind Rechov Sorotzkin 9-11
  Estimated Future Container Drop-off dates (Boro Park): Sunday,  May 12, June 23. Always subject to change. ALWAYS recheck 1-2 weeks before date.
  "May all the chessed that everyone is doing for thier fellow yidden bring Moshiach Bimhaira B'yomainu". (Overheard  at BoroPark drop-off)