Track Your Boxes


Receivers should call our hotline @ 054-686-8705 on July 2 (shipment #84 that left NY on May 19) after 5:00 PM for instructions

It is the responsibility of the RECEIVER to find out the pick-up date and time.

As of: Information
Location Alleyway behind Rechov Sorotzkin 9
  Drivers may call 054-686-8705 for directions after 12:00 PM on Pick-Up day.
(but PLEASE don't call to ask "how many boxes", "what color are my boxes" etc, check that out with your SENDER)
  Please note: To avoid local residents complaining, and to prevent us paying a hefty municipal fine (440 Shekel/box) left on location , a gemach will pick up all boxes left over, after 9:30 PM, and it's theirs to keep. And NO, we cannot give anyone the location or phone number of the gemach. He was bothered too many times and at all hours. HIS conditions. Please don't ask me to break my promise to him. Without his service it would be impossible for me to unload the container at this very convenient (for all) location. Solution: Pick up your boxes on time!



Dear Chaverim, we have in our data base a little over 1300 email addresses of SENDERS,

but less than 350 RECEIVERS (and about 20% of these are inaccurate).

PLEASE, get ahold of your RECEIVERS’ email addresses so we can inform them of incoming containers.


Please note: After a few unfortunate instances with a “driver” named Yehuda – including involving the police – we can no longer allow him to have anything to do with box delivery. This is to protect you, our customers. If your RECEIVER has their boxes delivered, please inform them of this update.

A similar incident happened a couple of years ago with a different driver, and we had to make a rule that if any RECEIVER uses him, they will no longer be able to use our services. I'm sorry, but to protect our customers, and avoid boxes that 'got lost'  we must implement that rule again.

  1. Unfortunately, we were caught with illegal contents in a few boxes. The nezek right now stands at a little over of $1,300.00. We were lucky to have a good customs broker, who brokered a deal with the people in meches. (What saved us was showing them the contract everyone has to sign). Instead of confiscating the entire container and filing criminal charges against me, the seven boxes were removed and we paid 'only' the charge of destroying the contents, and their 'checking' costs, in addition to their administrative fees. Add to this the port fees at $120/day, and putting us on their 'to-be-checked' list! How does anyone have the chutzpa to endanger an entire lift? What heter does he have?
     As of this writing, (with our Rav's blessing) they are being sued in small claims court.
    The situation could've spiralled to about $ 30,000.00!!! Plus the cost of a criminal lawyer.
    We accepted a brokered p'shara of $2,500. Would you like to pay that amount?
    Costumer # 1071 had six boxes of illegal items (shoes, slippers), and costumer #1020 one box (meds).
    New member of the club: Costumer # 1074, 2 boxes (shoes, food, cell phone, meds, dentistry items, candies). Then again 1 box (mobile phones, chametz, meds,etc)!

New  New    WhatsApp Service   New   New

To improve our service, we are starting a WhatsApp broadcast system to keep you informed of container drop-offs and/or pick-ups.

To join:       1 - Add Minchas Shlomo to your contact list, 2 – Use phone number +1-917-657-4200 (include the +),

3 – Send us a WhatsApp message stating that you wish to join and your customer number (if you know it). Specify if you are
  a -  SHIPPER (U.S.) or,   b-  RECEIVER (Israel). You cannot be in both groups.

PLEASE, DO NOT use this WhatsApp to contact us, ever. Anyone who does will be removed from our broadcast list and blocked.
If you need to communicate with us, please call or email.
This communication system works in ONE DIRECTION only.

We hope to better serve you with this new service.

  Estimated Future Container Drop-off dates (Sunday - Boro Park):
Please check back. Always subject to change. ALWAYS recheck 1-2 weeks before date.